10 Tips for Parents to Cope with Anxiety

by: Joe D Staff
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Stress is a natural part of life we all deal with.

As a parent, you may be feeling extra anxious as you try to balance work, child care, and self-care while dealing with the new normal we're living in during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The next time you're feeling out of sorts, try any of the following 10 tips to help you stay mentally fresh—for yourself and your loved ones.


  1. Create routines for you and your children. Stick to your regular sleep, school, meal, or work schedule to help maintain a sense of normalcy.
  2. Take breaks from the news and social media.Put a limit on what (and how long) you read about the coronavirus. Choose a daily timeout where you spend time with your family or friends over music, games, a meal or conversation.
  3. Stay active. Walk, jog, run, bike, swim, stretch, or dance three to five times a week for 30 minutes.
  4. Be transparent with your children, but try not to worry them. Look for the silver linings.
  5. Focus on the things you can control. Put your stress in perspective and be proud of what you have accomplished.
  6. Find your peace. Keep calm, no matter how hard the situation, so you can deal with it wisely.
  7. Stay virtually connected with family and friends. Isolation and loneliness can increase anxiety and depression, and even impact our physical health.
  8. Find a support system. Turn to people who are thoughtful, sensible, and good listeners.
  9. Pick up a new hobby and involve your kids sometimes. Gardening, playing an instrument, or learning chess are a few hobbies you can pursue.
  10. Practice self-care. Try yoga, listen to music, meditate, get a massage, or laugh at your favorite comedy film.

anxiety tips for parents

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