Neuromuscular Disease

The Neuromuscular Disease Clinic, which was founded in late 2010, consists of pediatric pulmonologists, a dedicated respiratory therapist, social worker, nurses and a nutritionist. Our team collaborates with both the PICU and Sleep Lab to treat and help prevent respiratory complications in children with neuromuscular diseases.

Advanced Technologies and New Protocols to Avoid Respiratory Complications

The successful management of respiratory complications of children with neuromuscular diseases includes:

  • A better appreciation of the symptoms of hypoventilation during sleep (which are often subtle)
  • A greater understanding of the importance of close monitoring, including serial lung function testing, by a pediatric pulmonologist
  • Accepting the importance of noninvasive ventilation in treating acute and chronic hypoventilation
  • Improved airway clearance techniques, such as assisted coughing via insufflator-exsufflator

New, noninvasive technologies have become available for respiratory management of these patients. In addition, respiratory care protocols for prevention of pulmonary morbidity have gained wide acceptance among respiratory specialists.