Concussion Diagnosis, Treatment and Management

If your child has a concussion (a mild traumatic brain injury), it matters what you do in the first hours and days after the injury. Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Concussion Clinic offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary concussion care. Whether it’s a brain injury that’s sports related or due to a fall, an accident, or an unknown cause, our experts work together to customize and coordinate highly specialized care to fit your child’s needs.

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We provide care for the diagnosis, treatment and management of concussions for infants, young children and teenagers.

Participate in Football-Related Concussion Study

Football-related Concussion Study image link

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital is conducting a study looking at the effects of football-related concussions on the brain. Participants will receive 2 MRI scans.

Requirements for the study

  • Male
  • Right-handed
  • Ages 14 to 18

Join or Inquire about the Football-Related Concussion Study 


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Multidisciplinary Team 

Our physicians are experts in:

  • Pediatric sports medicine – for patients with sports-related mild traumatic brain injuries
  • Pediatric rehabilitation – for non-sports related mild traumatic brain injuries in children, from infancy to young adulthood
  • Pediatric neuropsychology – for patients experiencing prolonged cognitive, emotional and/or behavioral changes 
  • Pediatric neurology – for patients with more complicated, continuous chronic headaches or underlying neurological issues, such as ADHD, autism or epilepsy 
  • Vestibular rehabilitation – for patients experiencing prolonged problems with balance, such as dizziness, blurred vision, vertigo, gait instability or difficulty with head or eye movement
  • Pediatric neurosurgery –  for patients with more severe brain injuries or repetitive brain injuries that may require surgery 

Helping You Navigate Appointments

With one phone call, our team of pediatric concussion care experts is ready to help. Whether you seek care at the Concussion Clinic directly after an injury or are referred by your pediatrician, emergency room physician, athletic trainer or coach, we can help you navigate and expedite appointments with the right pediatric specialists.

Call 954-538-5566 to schedule your appointment. 

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