Pediatric Surgery Services

Finding the right team for your child’s surgery is critical. You want expert treatment from specialists and comprehensive, compassionate care that supports your child’s entire well-being. Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital offers seasoned pediatric surgeons who collaborate to create a “big picture” plan for your child’s health.

Pirate CT Scanner 

Our imaging equipment is designed for pediatric use and provides accurate images using low doses of radiation.

Pediatric Surgery Services at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital: Why Choose Us?

Our qualified, experienced team is dedicated to your child’s unique needs. Here, you’ll find:

  • Comprehensive care: Our team provides a full spectrum of emergency and elective procedures, from minor treatments to complex surgeries. We care for children with both common and rare conditions.
  • A patient- and family-centered approach: Our team is committed to clear, ongoing communication between care team members and with your family. We’re honored to earn your trust and consider you an important partner in caring for your child’s health. Learn more about patient- and family-centered care.
  • Board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists: We’re qualified to provide safe care for babies and children undergoing anesthesia. Our anesthesiologists have the highest degree of training and board certification in their field. 
  • Smoother recovery: We often employ minimally invasive techniques that use small cameras to see inside the body. Techniques like laparoscopy and thoracoscopy mean smaller incisions and fewer stitches, so your child recovers as quickly and comfortably as possible.
  • Convenient care: With our network of surgery locations in Broward and Palm Beach, we offer care close to home. When possible, we perform outpatient surgery to get your child home and back to their normal routine.

Pediatric Surgery Services at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

Our pediatric surgery team performs the following procedures:

  • Pediatric general surgery: We treat conditions affecting the digestive tract and abdominal organs, such as the esophagus, stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, appendix and bile ducts. We can also remove growths on or underneath your child’s skin. Learn more about pediatric general surgery.
  • Pediatric thoracic surgery: Our surgeons treat the organs inside your child’s chest, including the lungs, esophagus and trachea, or windpipe. We also offer a multidisciplinary clinic for chest wall deformities. Get more information about pediatric thoracic surgery.
  • Pediatric urological procedures: Our surgeons repair hernias in the belly, groin, upper abdomen, and abdominal wall. We also correct underdeveloped, or “undescended,” testes in baby boys and perform circumcisions, a routine outpatient procedure. Find out more about pediatric urological procedures.
  • Adolescent breast and gynecological surgery: We treat children and adolescents who have conditions affecting their breasts and reproductive organs. Learn more about pediatric breast and gynecological surgery.
  • Pediatric head and neck surgery: Our surgeons treat birth defects affecting a child’s head and neck, such as thyroglossal duct cysts and branchial cleft cysts. We can also perform operations to repair or remove a child’s thyroid (a gland in the neck that secretes hormones).
  • Neonatal surgery: Our surgeons work closely with our Wasie NICU team to treat a wide range of conditions, including neonatal congenital anomalies. We care for the youngest patients with a highly specialized team, advanced technology and minimally invasive care. Get more information about neonatal surgery.
  • Pediatric laser therapy: If your child experiences chronic skin infections, laser therapy may help. Our surgeons perform this simple, effective procedure on an outpatient basis. Read more about pediatric laser therapy.
  • Pediatric cancer surgery: Our surgeons are part of the hospital’s multidisciplinary pediatric cancer and blood disorders group. We treat all types of cancer, including Wilms tumor, hepatoblastoma and neuroblastoma.
  • Pediatric trauma surgery: At our Pediatric Trauma Center, we’re equipped to care for your child in life-threatening situations. Our trauma surgeons provide around-the-clock, specialized emergency care, often using minimally invasive procedures.

Pediatric Surgery Locations

We perform pediatric surgery at several locations in Broward and Miami-Dade counties:

Inpatient care:

Outpatient care:

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