Pediatric Urology Procedures

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital offers a wide range of pediatric urological procedures. Our general surgeons perform routine procedures such as circumcisions, hernia repair and treatment for undescended testes (cryptorchidism). Our urologists handle more complex cases, treating the entire spectrum of urinary conditions.

Why Choose Us for Pediatric Urological Procedures?

Whether your child needs a simple or complex operation, we’re here to help. We offer:

  • A diverse team of specialists: Our multidisciplinary team includes many specialists to provide comprehensive care. This team includes experts in pediatric urology, genetics and endocrinology (focused on the body’s hormones).
  • Less downtime: Techniques like endoscopy and laparoscopy, which use small cameras inside the body, help surgeons make smaller incisions and fewer stitches. This translates to a faster, smoother recovery for your child.
  • A patient- and family-centered approach: We actively support your whole family through clear communication and shared decision-making. Learn more about our patient- and family-centered care.

Types of Pediatric Urology Procedures We Offer

We provide the following types of routine urological surgeries for children:


In this common procedure, a doctor removes the skin covering the tip of the penis known as the foreskin. Our team performs circumcisions for children from infants to adolescents. We offer convenient, safe and hygienic circumcisions to create the most comfortable experience possible for your child.

Undescended testes (cryptorchidism)

Sometimes, a baby boy’s testicles don’t fully develop or “descend” into his scrotum, a condition called cryptorchidism. We can usually correct the problem by making a small incision in the groin, though some cases require more complex surgery. Correcting undescended testes may decrease the risk of future testicular cancer.

Pediatric hernias

Hernias happen when an organ pushes through an opening in a muscle or tissue holding it in place. We can repair umbilical (belly), inguinal (groin) epigastric (upper abdomen) and abdominal wall hernias. Learn more about pediatric hernias.

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