Join Our JDCH Partners Program!

Dr. Amanda Porro, Pediatric Complex Care and Clinical Effectiveness, JDCH Physician Newsletter Winter 2022

JDCH Partners is a group of like-minded pediatricians, pediatric specialists and community providers who want to maintain their autonomy while participating in the clinical and administrative benefits typically available through a large health system. As a JDCH Partner, you gain a stronger voice in the decisions that affect the children in our community. 

Benefits include:

  • Direct access to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital physicians and resources 
  • EMR access and facilitated purchasing discount (if applicable)
  • Online CME courses 
  • Facilitated navigation services for coordination of care through KidCierge program

30+ local pediatricians are now Partners Network members since January 2022, with more to come. Join us! 

Become a member 

Contact Jenna Shinn, Pediatric Network Development Manager, at

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